Get Your Workshop Manual Pre-Installed On A USB Stick

If you have little to no computer experience, or you want a totally hassle free, space saving and portable way of running your workshop manual then getting us to pre-install it on a USB stick may be a great option for you.

This service is especially good if you have chosen a workshop manual that runs inside a virtual operating system as it takes away the installation process, saves a considerable amount of hard drive space and can be easily transferred onto any PC or Mac.

With this service we will pre-install the manual completely on a portable USB stick so you simply plug the stick into any PC or Mac and then run the manual directly from the USB stick. Everything is included, simply plug it in, install the viewing app on your PC or Mac and then run the manual. With this solution you can carry the manual in your pocket!

To purchase this product click here then simply add it to your basket along with your download purchase and we will do the rest. If you have already purchased a download or DVD and would like this option, then checkout and leave a note in your order giving us your previous order number and product purchased and we will create your USB stick manual for you.

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Take advantage of this great lightning deal and get 20% off any USB stick manual. Add this to the cart with your purchase to have your workshop manual pre-installed on a USB stick so it requires no extracting or installing and takes no space up on your computer - and even better you can use it anywhere! Be quick though as this offer won't last for long!