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The Ultimate BMW Workshop Service, Repair & Parts Manual 1982-2008

Get the same level of information about every BMW vehicle that official dealers have. Every single element of service, repair and maintenance for every BMW vehicle  is included in this fully updated ultimate BMW workshop manual collection. From changing a wiper blade to a full engine rebuild, every procedure is covered with simple step by step illustrated instructions.


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This Ultimate BMW Workshop Service, Repair & Parts Manual collection offers both the professional mechanic and the home enthusiast an encyclopaedic insight into every BMW group vehicle (including Mini’s). It includes absolutely every element of service, repair and maintenance including full TIS (service and repair), WDS (electrical and wiring) and ETK (parts) for every vehicle.

Vehicle Years covered:

All years up to 2008

Models covered:

All models and variations including:


E81 2006 > 2008 116i 118i 118d 120i 120d 123d 130i
E82 2007 > 2008 120d 128i 135is
E87 2003 > 2008 116i 118i 118d 120i 120d 130i
E88 2007 > 2008 120i 125i 128i


E30 1982 > 1994 316 316i 318i 320i 320is 323i 324d 324td 325e 325i 325ix
E30 1982 > 1994 M3 Z1
E36 1990 > 2000 316g 316i 318i 318s 318is 318tds 318ti 320i 323i 323ti 325i
E36 1990 > 2000 325is 325td 325tds 328i – M Coupe – M Roadster – M3 – Z3
E36 1990 > 2000 Z3 Coupe.
E46 1997 > 2006 316i 316Ci 316ti 318i 318Ci 318d 318td 318ti 320i 320Ci
E46 1997 > 2006 320Cd 320d 320td 323i 323Ci 325i 325Ci 325ti 325xi 328i
E46 1997 > 2006 328Ci 330i 330cd 330Ci 330d 330xd 330xi M3 – M3 CSL –
E90 2004 > 2008 316Ci 318i 318d 320i 320Si 320d 323i 325i 325d 325xi
E90 2004 > 2008 328i 328xi 330i 330d 330xd 330xi 335i 335xi 335d – M3 –
E91 2004 > 2008 318i 318d 320i 320d 323i 325i 325d 325xi 328i 328xi
E91 2004 > 2008 330i 330xi 330d 330xd 335i 335d
E92 2005 > 2008 316i 320i 320d 323i 325i 325xi 325d 328i 328xi 330i 330xi
E92 2005 > 2008 330d 330xd 335i 335xi 335d – M3
E93 2006 > 2008 320i 323i 325i 325d 328i 330i 330d 325i


E34 1987 > 1997 518i 518g 520i 524td 525i 525ix 525td 525tds 530i M5
E39 1995 > 2004 520i 520d 523i 525i 525d 525td 525tds 528i 530i 530d
E39 1995 > 2004 535i 540i – M5
E60 2002 > 2008 520i 520d N43 523i 523Li 525i 525d 525Li 525xd 525xi 528i
E60 2002 > 2008 528xi 530i 530d 530Li 530xd 530xi 535i 535xi 535d 540i
E60 2002 > 2008 545i 550i – M5
E61 2003 > 2008 520i 520d 523i 525i 525xi 525d 525xd 530i 530xi 530d
E61 2003 > 2008 530xd 535xi 535d 545i 550i – M5


E63 2002 > 2008 631i 635d 645Ci 650i – M6
E64 2003 > 2008 631i 635d 645Ci 650i – M6


E32 1987 > 1995 730i 730iL 735i 735iL 740i 740iL 750i 750iL
E38 1993 > 2001 725tds 728i 728iL 730i 730iL 730d 735i 735iL 740i
E38 1993 > 2001 740iL 740D 750i 750iL – L7
E65 2000 > 2008 730i 730d 735i 740i 740d 745i 745d 750i 760i – Alpina B7
E66 2000 > 2008 730Li 730Ld 735Li 740Li 745Li 750Li 760Li


E31 1989 > 1999 840i 850Ci 850CSi


R50 2001 > 2007 COOPER – MINI 1 – MINI1
R52 2003 > 2008 COOPER – MINI 1 – MINI1
R53 2001 > 2007 COOPER S – COOPERS
R55 2007 > 2008 COOPER – COOPER D – COOPER S


E53 1999 > 2007 X5 3.0i – X5 3.0d – X5 4.4i – X5 4.6is – X5 4.8is M54 M57 M57TU M62 N62 N62S N62/S
E70 2006 > 2008 X5 3.0Si -X5 3.0d – X5 3.0Sd – X5 4.8i M57T2 N52K N62TU
E83 2003 > 2008 X3 2.0i 2.0d 2.5i 2.5Si 3.0o 3.0i 3.0Si 3.0d 3.0Sd 2.5SI M47T2 M54 M57T2 M57TU N46 N47 N52K


E52 1999 > 2003 Z8

E85 2002 > 2008 M Roadster – Z4 2.0i 2.2i 2.5i 2.5Si 3.0i 3.0Si
E86 2006 > 2008 M Coupe – Z4 3.0Si



All versions of windows including Windows 7 and 8 both 32 & 64  bit systems as well as Apple Mac’s running OSX 10.6 or above.

Here are the key features of the manual:

  • Complete TIS, WDS and ETK manuals for every BMW vehicle.
  • Easy to install
  • Fast access to exact solutions using the fault finder tool
  • Fully compatible with all Windows Operating Systems including 64 Bit machines
  • Step by Step illustrated repair procedures
  • Dealer Service schedule with procedures required and explained
  • Step by Step illustrated repair procedures
  • Technical information, Diagnosis Encoding & Schematics

Here are some examples of use for each level of user:

The Novice User

  • Find out the Dealer service schedule for every BMW car
  • Then follow the step-by-step guide to carry out the service
  • Cross check what a garage is telling you with the fault finding search option
  • Avoid premium garage replacement part prices
  • Carry out basic repairs and upkeep of your car with dealer level instructional guides
  • Every job will tell you exactly what tools you will need to complete it – simple
  • Find the correct oils, lubricants and liquids for your exact model
  • Develop your knowledge of vehicle maintenance at your pace and skill level

The Pro Mechanic

  • Dealer Level Workshop Resource Collection
  • Complete Interactive Technical Information Systems Workshop Manual
  • Complete Wiring Systems and Schematics
  • Service Schedules, Intervals and complete walk-through of Procedures
  • Torque settings, Lubricant and liquid guides and Tool requirements for each job
  • Every conceivable repair/replacement/Service procedure fully explained
  • No time limit or restrictions
  • Ensures your or your client’s vehicle is dealt with at a Dealer standard

This Ultimate BMW Workshop Service, Repair & Parts Manual collection comes pre-installed for you inside a virtual operating system for ease of use. Follow the simple set-up instructions and you are ready to go. Available for instant download or on DVD. Please note, if you are considering downloading the manual be aware that it is around 6gb in size and so you will need a good internet speed to avoid a lengthy download time. If your internet speed is slow you should consider purchasing the DVD option instead.

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